What is it?

“Not only do we have to be good at waiting, we have to love it. Because waiting is not waiting, it is life.”

                               -Josh Waitzkin, 8-time US National Chess Champion


The Art of Slowing Down is rooted in the Feldenkrais Method, Bagua, and Taichi, taking advantage of the mind’s intrinsic and vast ability to learn and improve via exploration and sensory awareness.  ASD consequently has the potential to help you increase your coordination, strength, speed, agility, flexibility and balance in surprising ways, while at the same time decreasing parasitic tension and propensity toward injury.


ASD founder, Edward Yu, with Terrence Mahon, who has coached several members members of the US Olympic Track Team

Theblog consists of a collection of articles, interviews and lectures, each of which takes a deeper look into into either of the two main factors that circumscribe learning:  1) how we unconsciously block ourselves from learning;  2) how institutional forces block us from learning by doing more to turn us into senseless, mindless automatons than sense-able, mindful beings.  Only when we understand both the individual and institutional roadblocks to learning can we begin to develop better learning methods for the individual as well as better institutional learning policies for the masses.

For a more humanistic view of learning, I recommend spending a day watching an infant  moving about and exploring her environment freely (that is, unencumbered by restraining devices or overprotective caretakers)–or simply view this short video by Irene Lyon. Jazz great, Bill Evans gives some insight into the matter in this interview.

Listen to ASD author, Edward Yu, being interviewed on the subject of exercise and fitness by John Cedric Tarr on the Leap 2 Podcast (aired December 2016).


For those of you who knew the previous website (Radically Transformative Fitness) you may be wondering about the name change. Click here to read a short blurb on the subject.