Edward’s new book has just been published

What do evolution, thermodynamics, information theory and Bernstein’s degrees of freedom have to do with Crossfit, Suzanne Somers’ Thigh Master and Conan the Barbarian?

Click here to link directly to Edward’s new book, The Mass Psychology of Fittism:  Fitness, Evolution and the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics(For those in the UK and Europe, click here for Amazon UK link or here for Book Depository)

Learning to learn begins with a beginner’s attitude

Learning Taijiquan means to educate oneself. It is like slowly advancing from primary school to university. As time passes, more and more knowledge is gained. Without the foundations of primary school and secondary school, one will not be able to follow the seminars at university. Studying Taijiquan requires starting from the very bottom, working one’s way systematically and step by step towards the more advanced levels. Someone who does not accept this, thinking that he may take a short cut, will not be successful 

-Master Chen Xiao Wang

Click here for a humorous personal account of what it means to learn with a master (in this case, Master Chen Xiao Wang).