“Edward’s unique and innovative way of combining of martial arts, Feldenkrais and athletics brings to light new ways of thinking about movement. His work is thoughtful and inspiring.”

Marcela Bretschneider, GCFP
Dance teacher specializing in working with professional polo players

“What impresses me most about Edward is his presence: calm, centered, and curious. That’s the place from which he led the workshop I recently attended. Over the course of the day, I discovered he is also deeply intelligent and passionate about exploring movement and inviting his participants to engage. Edward faced a particular challenge in the workshop I attended, as another master trainer participated. He turned this trainer’s participation into an opportunity to enrich the experience for all of us and create an impromptu laboratory for exploring movement and awareness, with an ongoing dialogue between the two of them. Edward epitomizes what he is teaching: slowing down, attending to oneself, being open to whatever one encounters, and thereby moving more efficiently and thinking more clearly.”

Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA
Owner of Dallas Feldenkrais

“I had the good fortune to have Edward as my Tai Chi teacher and I was blown away with how he integrated it with the Feldkenkrais movement awareness.  He taught me “the art of slowing down” which had a profound impact on how I moved in my body and in my life.  It allowed me to feel things on a deeper level, not to mention be much more calm in stressful situations.  Furthermore, Edward’s teaching shifted the way I work with my physical therapy patients to help empower them to experience new movement patterns and develop resilience in mind/body/spirit.  I am a lifelong student and feel forever grateful that I had the joy of crossing paths with such a wonderful, compassionate, talented, inspiring teacher!”

Shana Miller, Physical Therapist

“As a PT, I have seen many methods for teaching better movement organization. That being said, I have found Edward Yu’s approach to learning to be one of the best I have encountered. He not only is succinct, clear and understandable, but Edward creates an environment for one to embody the changes and draw on them in real life. I recommend Edward’s Art of Slowing Down program often, his writings as well as his teachings. My patients have been extremely satisfied and only wish they could see him more often.”

Stacy Barrows, PT, GCFP, PMA®-CPT
Co-owner of Century City Physical Therapy, Inc.
Author and Inventor of Smartroller® products

“…In only a few days my flexibility improved dramatically. I was able to spend a whole afternoon with my legs crossed and my back straight, I had never been able to do this before. Not even when I practiced yoga.”

Leandro Sarmento, NLP Instructor

“Edward presented insights into the practice of Tai Chi in a manner that was peaceful, calm and knowledgeable for the mixed age group attending. Those who had the pleasure of meeting him, continue to recall his meaningful contribution to the mission of the center to nurture mind, body and spirit.”

Nancy Angelo, Director and Founder of Cottage Retreat Center

“I had the privilege of attending both a workshop and Edward’s book talk on, The Art of Slowing Down. In relation to the latter, Edward captivated the audience with the information he shared, and especially with his humour and very tranquil discourse. Time flew by and no one wanted to leave, I think it’s safe to say that we all wanted Edward to share more with us. After the book talk there were only two things left to do, buy his book, which I did, and attend his workshop, which I have, and intend to repeat. I am studying to be a Qigong Instructor, and the knowledge shared during the workshop has been priceless!” 

Jeannie Martins, Translator, Qigong Instructor