Art of Slowing Down

“The fastest way to improve your speed is to slow down”

ASD for Runners and Triathletes is designed to improve your biomechanical efficiency and thus, power, speed and endurance, in ways that conventional methods do not. In the process, this groundbreaking and highly innovative approach to running examines why conventional methods largely fall short of allowing you to reach your potential.

“Fitness can include the grey matter between your ears

ASD for Dancers is a strength and fitness class that is not directly about strength and fitness. It is about getting in shape without trying to get in shape. By systematically introducing novel movements into your repertoire, ASD allows you to develop more powerful, coordinated, agile and fluid movement patterns. By focusing on awareness rather than straining and fixating on sweat and repetitions you find yourself getting in shape—almost by default. Rooted in bagua, taichi, boxing and Feldenkrais, this class is designed for medium to high level dancers, athletes and martial artists.

ASD workshop in Budapest (2012)