“To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.”

                                                                                                              -Moshe Feldenkrais

What is Feldenkrais?

The Feldenkrais Method® can be thought of as a highly innovative approach to rehabilitation, physical therapy and performance enhancement that optimizes your neuromuscular response to the environment. In doing so, Feldenkrais can dramatically improve your strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance, while simultaneously reducing tension and pain. Because Feldenkrais works with various levels of the nervous system, it can be applied to everything from stroke recovery to competitive running to ballet.

Both group classes and private lessons…

…involve slow and gentle movements that reduce chronic tension while awakening areas that have been dormant and relatively unused for years or even decades. Attendees can expect improvements in posture, balance, strength, coordination and agility as well as reductions in tension and pain (for those who from chronic pain and/or tension).


Babies are consummate scientists who fully embody Feldenkrais principles. Click here to watch Irene Lyon’s lovely video on how babies learn.

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