Reviews for SLOWING DOWN TO RUN FASTER:  a sense-able approach to movement (North Atlantic Books, 2020)

Rarely have I seen a book on running, in particular on running mechanics, actually hit the mark and make an impact on my coaching. Edward’s sense-able approach connects the dots for so much of what I have seen over the years when working with my elite athletes. Improving running form is not a one step or one method process. It is a coming to terms with who we are as humans first and athletes second. This book takes us back to the beginning. It teaches us to understand what it means to be a child again. It rekindles our desires to explore to play and to expand our sense of self. Never have we needed this mind-body connection as much as we do now. The art of running should bring us joy not injury. Slowing Down to Run Faster is here to show us the way.
—TERRENCE MAHON, Head Coach & Founder of Golden Coast Track Club, Adidas Endurance Coach

Edward has done something quite remarkable by showing us how we can use the Feldenkrais Method to run better. If you do the exercises in this book slowly and with awareness, you will indeed run faster with less effort. More importantly however, if you read the words carefully, you will learn how your running can teach you about yourself and how you live. This, in turn can transform your running from mind numbing jogging into a practice that is healthy for body, mind and perhaps even soul.
—JOHN TARR, Music Teacher, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer

This book opens the door to the revolution currently taking place in sports in general and running in particular. In sharp contrast to the conventional citius-altius-fortius approach, Slowing Down to Run Faster demonstrates how we can increase strength, power and speed not by pushing more, but by refining our ability to move. What comes out of the process is not only improved abilities, but the possibility for improved awareness and increased enjoyment of the act of running itself.
KREŠIMIR ŠOŠ, Former Strength and Conditioning Coach at GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Croatian U-21 National Team and Legia Warsaw FC

This book will give you so many insights, not only into the world of running, but life itself. Edward’s writing is clear and interesting and the exercises in the book will, in fact, make you a better runner.
—GÖRAN MÖRKEBERG, Running Coach, Physiotherapist, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer


Reviews for THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FITTISM:  fitness, evolution and the first two laws of thermodynamics (Undocumented Worker Press, 2015)

An outstanding, well-written critique on the reductionistic thinking that lies behind the simplistic perspective of fitness culture; a perspective in which the path to the body completely bypasses the role of gravity and the brain in development, learning and healing. This book provides a much needed counterpoint to the mechanistic thinking of our time.
—David Zemach-Bersin, CFT
author of Relaxercise: The Easy New Way to Health and Fitness
Co-Founder of Feldenkrais Institute of New York

The Mass Psychology of Fittism is, quite frankly, in a class by itself — a seminal book which is absolutely unique in its scope and details in investigating the complex convergences of commerce, fitness, health, beauty, self-image and quality of life. This book deserves a very careful read by not only fitness and health care professionals, but anyone concerned about their health, fitness and well-being.
—Donald K. Schule
7th Dan Korean Martial Arts
Professor Emeritus of Visual Arts, Penn State University

Edward Yu provides a furious challenge to the fitness industry in this well-researched and provocative piece. This book is the “bible” for anyone deeply interested in an unconventional and humane approach to movement.
—Jacob Marinko
Founder of Movelution/MovNat Scandinavia

A brilliant book—entertaining and informative, and for many, possibly life-changing. Edward Yu not only questions the current fads in the fitness world that rule how people think, feel and act, but leads us into a very thorough discussion of what fitness could actually mean if we were better informed about artistic, aesthetic, and scientific studies of the body and mind.
-Frank Wildman, PhD
author of Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement

Once you are finished reading this book you will have a new and more complete understanding of what it means to be a human being. Edward Yu’s ‘sense-able’ approach to exercise, health and movement strips away all that is wrong with the fitness industry and leaves you with all that is right about what it means to play like a kid again.
—Terrence Mahon
Boston Athletic Association High Performance Coach
4x USATF World Champs Team Coach

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