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What people are saying about THE MASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FITTISM

The Mass Psychology of Fittism is an outstanding, well-written critique on the reductionistic thinking that lies behind the simplistic perspective of fitness culture; a perspective in which the path to the body completely bypasses the role of gravity and the brain in development, learning and healing. This book provides a much needed counterpoint to the mechanistic thinking of our time.”
—David Zemach-Bersin, CFT
author of Relaxercise: The Easy New Way to Health and Fitness
Co-Founder of Feldenkrais Institute of New York

“Once you are finished reading this book you will have a new and more complete understanding of what it means to be a human being. Edward Yu’s ‘sense-able’ approach to exercise, health and movement strips away all that is wrong with the fitness industry and leaves you with all that is right about what it means to play like a kid again.”
—Terrence Mahon
Boston Athletic Association High Performance Coach
4x USATF World Champs Team Coach

“With thorough and painstaking research, Edward Yu shows us how much of modern fitness tends to impose a machine-like ideal on human beings. Fortunately, he also goes into great depths in helping us find ways of putting the humanity back into our movement practices. This book gives a clear and reasoned voice to what many somatic practitioners have known and sensed, yet not been quite able to articulate.”
—John Cedric Tarr
Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer
Professional Musician

The Mass Psychology of Fittism is, quite frankly, in a class by itself — a seminal book which is absolutely unique in its scope and details in investigating the complex convergences of commerce, fitness, health, beauty, self-image and quality of life. This book deserves a very careful read by not only fitness and health care professionals, but anyone concerned about their health, fitness and well-being.”
—Donald K. Schule
7th Dan Korean Martial Arts
Professor Emeritus of Visual Arts, Penn State University

“There is a microsecond moment between when a motor plan or habit forms when it be either unconsciously carried out or consciously stopped. In that moment one can learn to suspend even the most deeply rooted habits of action. This book will help you move from the culturally determined habits of obsession and compulsion to a way of living with dignity and the freedom of choice.”
—Jeff Haller, PhD, CFT
Founder of Ideal Organization and Profound Strength Academy

“Edward Yu provides a furious challenge to the fitness industry in this well-researched and provocative piece. This book is the ‘bible’ for anyone deeply interested in an unconventional and humane approach to movement.”
—Jacob Marinko
Founder of Movelution/MovNat Scandinavia

“Is talent inborn or is it acquired through learning? Edward Yu’s book sheds important light on this controversial topic by elucidating the often ignored fundamentals of learning.This is a must read for both coaches and athletes wanting to not only reach higher levels performance, but enjoy the process of getting there.”
—Krešimir Šoš
Head Conditioning Coach at GNK Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia

The Mass Psychology of Fittism is a brilliant book—entertaining and informative, and for many, possibly life-changing. Edward Yu not only questions the current fads in the fitness world that rule how people think, feel and act, but leads us into a very thorough discussion of what fitness could actually mean if we were better informed about artistic, aesthetic, and scientific studies of the body and mind.”
-Frank Wildman, PhD
author of Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement

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What people are saying about THE ART OF SLOWING DOWN

Not just for runners! Clearly and beautifully written, The Art of Slowing Down is equal parts humility and insight. I found it both incredibly inspiring and extremely comforting at the same time: inspiring because I learned new things and felt motivated to learn more; comforting because the philosophy is about simply paying attention to your body and allowing yourself to be as you are.”
-Kim, Yoga Teacher

Less trying, more ease. If someone does not understand you, does it help to yell the same message more loudly? If you are not running as quickly as you like, does it help to just try harder? If you are not happy with the way your life is going, is the solution to buckle down and redouble your effort? The Art of Slowing Down provides an alternative to the more, harder, and more effort mentality. The solution presented in the book is a way to feel more, explore, and find alternatives. Edward Yu presents a possible world where we excel by being smart, and in doing so make our actions efficient and easy. For many this message may seem like heresy, but it works.”
-Peter, Professor of Chemical Engineering

This is so much more than a book on running. It’s also a brilliant book on the art of learning. Edward Yu’s techniques could be adapted to learning anything. This book not only teaches us how to learn more fully and self-sufficiently, but how to live to our fullest potential. And if you’re an educator, and it’s your profession to help people learn, you need to read this book.”
-Ned, Actor

“As a former professional dancer, Edward Yu’s book has proven an incredible resource for learning and finding ease in listening and slowing down, rather than pushing through physical difficulty and injuries to stay ‘in shape.’ Edward’s philosophy on learning and physicality is important for athletes and for ALL people. He offers accessible keys to learning about oneself through movement and self-awareness, presenting things with humility, humor, and great insight.”
-Sandrine, Dance Instructor

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